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Online Sweeps Games

Age really doesn’t matter when you’re having fun. Both older and younger adults love playing online sweeps, and Orion Stars sweepstakes games have outstanding graphics and tons of gaming features. There are so many moments each day when people find themselves killing time while waiting for others. Wouldn’t you rather be entertaining yourself by having fun? Check out our free online sweepstakes app for sweeps that are designed to provide hours of excitement. Instant win sweepstakes from Orion Stars are easy to join and a blast to win. Best of all, now you can take your entertainment with you by simply downloading our free sweepstakes game app. Our sweeps run on Apple iOS, Google Android, or Microsoft Windows and the installation process is so simple.


You can either scan the QR Code displayed on this website or go to . Once you sign in with your account name and password, you will be ready to play. Unlike some sweepstakes where you are left waiting for notification by email, text or telephone, our real money online sweeps let you know right away that you are winner. Moreover, once you’ve downloaded an Orion Stars online sweeps game, you can enjoy gameplay on any device, anywhere at any time of day or night. When you launch an online sweeps game, you will not be using cash directly. Instead, you will be playing with virtual currencies. That means the credits for your account can easily move with you and your sweeps coins, rankings, and bonuses show up on whatever device you activate to continue play.

FREE Online Sweepstakes App

Before smartphones were an everyday accessory, sweeps games were played on desktop gaming computers or in brick-n-mortar arcades on a table-top game console. Now, Orion Stars offers handheld mobile sweepstakes that are safe, secure, and fun to play. You not only have a convenient way to entertain yourself on mobile devices, it is a great way feel the rewards of winning in the palm of your hand with very little risk. If you aren’t squeezing every drop of fun out of these dull drum days, set up an account with Orion Stars. Our developers are constantly working on algorithms for new games as well as adding legendary favorites for online sweeps game play. Full of bonuses, nudges, and scatters, each title comes with an information page to explain how to use every feature.


Just charge up your mobile devices, download the free online sweepstakes app, login and start having fun.