Frequently Asked Questions

What is Orion Stars?

Orion Stars is a mobile fish game app and sweepstakes app. This app can be played on cell phones, tablets, and computers. This app is what people call a “Play anywhere app” or “Play at home app”. Also referred to as the “fish game app”.

How do I download the Orion Stars fish game and sweepstakes app?

You can go to our website www.orionstarsonline.com and either scan the QR code, or you can click on the link. Then you will be able to download the app.

How do I get my account set up?

You will need to go to a store that offers this software. That operator will be able to set up your account and give you your login credentials. You can also fill out the player form on our website and you will be contacted by a store to play.

Where do I get points added to my account?

The store operator that set up your account will be able to add points to your account.

Network Unstable Connecting…

Check your network connection. WiFi will show that you have full connection to the network, but your network can still be slow or fading in and out. If using your data plan with your cellular service, make sure you have a good signal. You can be kicked out of games if you do not have a good connection.

How do I create a private table?

Sit down at a table. A password will be generated. Give that password to your friends. Your friends will then sit at the table and must enter that password in to be able to join

How do I join a private table?

Get a password from the hosting party. Sit at the private table and enter in the password given.

What is binding?

When you bind your device it adds more security. When you select bind, your account can only be played on that device. That way somebody doesn’t look over your shoulder while you type in your password and try to use your account. If you get a new phone and you didn’t unbind your account, your account holder has the ability to unbind it for you.

How to win community prizes?

To qualify for bonuses or community prizes you must be actively playing. Sitting in a room or table not playing does not make you eligible. 

How to claim your jackpot?

When you win a jackpot, there will be a pop up asking you to claim your jackpot. If you do not claim your jackpot, it will not go away until you do. If you do not see it, log out and log back in. The claim window will pop up every time you log in until you claim it.